Welcome to Toonworld’s New Online Workshops.

Did you know the NSW Government is providing a free $100 voucher to get kids creative?
Toonworld is a registered provider. If you haven’t got your voucher, please click on the banner below and join in the fun.  


We understand your current situation with kids at home and constantly trying to keep them engaged.
It’s time to get creative and have fun.

Toonworld brings you simple interactive workshops from the comfort of your living room. All you need is a pencil and paper.
It’s easy to get started – we even have a free session for first timers!

Join us in three easy steps:

Step 1 – If you are a child please get your parents approval before proceeding.
Step 2 – Get your Creative Kids Voucher.
Step 3 – Check the next session times and get ready to attend. To register click the button below.


Come and join in every week for interactive creative fun.

Our talented cartoonists teachers will take your kids in an entertaining journey filled with simple cartoon drawing challenges that will have your kids drawing and creating cartoon characters using their own skills and imagination.

Our virtual classes will boost their confidence and self-expression because in Toonworld there are no Mistakes in drawings, all kids creations are perfect the way are.

What you need:

· Paper and pencil.

· If you have a printer available we highly recommend to download and print our free resources for every class.

· A mobile device with a camera and internet connection (Desktop PC, Tablets, Ipads or laptops preferably)

Our online classes are delivered via Zoom Video Conferencing technologies.
It’s free and easy to use. Click on the Zoom icon to download it.


1. Toonworld Online Workshops Privacy Policy

As part of our changing world Toonworld brings you online workshops to keep your children creative, educated and entertained where ever they are.
If you are a child reading this please ask your parent to read it with you so you are both clear.
If you have any questions we have provided an email below for any questions.
To ensure the safety of children, and children’s information we have laid out the main features of our privacy policy below:

– All children must have the consent from their parent or guardian before attending any of our online workshops.
– No information gained from your child will be used, sold or transferred to any other entity. We do not sell any details of your information or your children’s.
– Online sessions are recorded to ensure quality of delivery and to make sure we have a record of any issues for both your protection and ours.
– We limit the amount of information we collect to the bare minimum we need to ensure everyone’s safety.
– Registration occurs on our website and sessions are conducted on Zoom.
– If you wish to delete your child’s information or account you can simply contact us by email below.

We are constantly looking for ways to best tailor our workshops, policies and business to suit our customers best interest.

If you have any suggestions or concerns please email us below and we will get back to you.

Team Toonworld
Email: fun@toonworld.tv

2. House Rules

1. The sessions will go for 40mins if you choose to leave this is your choice.
2. If your child would like to make a comment or ask a question we would ask them to please raise their hand.
3. Every student will be on mute but if you are picked to talk you must unmute.
4. If you show any actions that will distract the class you can be removed.
5. If you type anything that can distract or offend others you can be removed.
6. If the teacher asks for questions or who would like to talk about their drawings they will be picked
based on giving everyone a chance to interact.
8. Sessions will extend beyond 5 weeks if demand permits

3. Cancellation Policy

No cancellations or refunds for CK Voucher will be given unless Toonworld Education decides to cancel delivery.
Sessions will extend beyond 5 weeks if demand permits. If your child has not used all the value in
the voucher at the 5-week interval. Toonworld will deliver a limited number of additional sessions
(dates will be announced via email and on our Facebook page) such that your child gets the full
value. Beyond these sessions, any value will be forfeited.

Team Toonworld
Email: fun@toonworld.tv