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All Toonworld staff have current Working With Children Checks and Public Liability of 20 million. Risk Assessment provided if needed.

Cartooning Workshops for Kids

Have you ever held back your creative instincts because of fear?
Maybe this fear even paralyses you. Don’t let your children fall into this trap.
Join our creative world of  NO MISTAKES and NO JUDGEMENT,
A world that excites and inspires.

Welcome to Toonworld’s Cartooning Workshops.
Our Cartooning Workshops inspire children to be creative and freely express themselves.
Our motto of “No Mistakes” allows children to open up and feel blissful and free.
The Toonworld Cartooning Workshop lifts the energy and self-esteem of all who come along.
Many children thrive, producing artwork that amazes them.
Give your children this uplifting experience with all benefits listed below.


Fire up those pencils and artistic minds! Get face to face!!
Our Cartoonists await!
It’s the most fun your kids can have sitting down!

No Judgement. No Mistakes, Watch children’s minds explode with freedom and confidence!!

Join Hundreds of Delighted Customers



  • Enhancing kids creativity.

  • Thinking outside the box.

  • Confidence in their abilities.

  • Building self-esteem.

  • Developing skills in concentration.

  • Hand-eye co-ordination.

There are No Erasers because there are no mistakes in drawing, Erasers are the Enemy!
We give kids the power to believe their pencil is the “Sword of Destiny” and can defeat the enemy who is willing to rub out all their creations. Toonworld invites you and your kids to come on a journey filled with creativity and drawing challenges where you will meet fun characters and design your own wonderful heroes while defending the Toonworld’s lands against the Evil Rubbix and his rampaging stickmen army!

Toonworld’s workshops are offered nationwide in schools, vacation care centres, shopping centres and children’s festivals around the world.



Our cartooning technology allows kids to discover their own confidence and belief in themselves while encouraging them to think “Outside the Box” with their Creativity! As a result of this, children expand their imagination into a world of possibilities.
We guide and teach them various drawing activities that enhance their hand-eye coordination, develop their motor skills and improve their communication in front of their peers giving them an opportunity to fully express themselves!

Thanks for our workshop on Friday.
Our kids were thoroughly engaged, we had kids from all year groups K-6 and they were all enthused form the very beginning.
They loved your humour, everything from pronouncing your name to Rubbix coming into the screen.

Andrew Barnes - Principal, Exeter Public School - NSW

On behalf of North Shore Coaching College Bella Vista, thank you Toonworld for being part of our centre’s April Holiday Program. All the kids enjoyed the activities and of course learned a lot!

Rose, North Shore Coaching College Bella Vista

One of the best incursions I have seen presented in 20 years of school holiday programs. The children even 11,12 year old’s loved it and went away with skills they didn’t know they had

Brian, Garran Oosh - ACT

Children are Our Heroes

Our world centres on children as heroes. Through the freedom of creative expression and teamwork, our cartooning workshops unleash a child’s pure heart and set them free to draw and express themselves without any judgement.
Toonworlds Cartooning Workshops are a unique space where children can flourish and truly be themselves. Whether your child is a little shy, maybe a perfectionist or even on the spectrum – our Toonpreneurs have all the required experience and our classes are designed for all.
With workshops completed all over Australia and internationally Toonworld has helped thousands of children and we have just celebrated our 8th anniversary.

One of our hero’s used to suffer perfectionism paralysis before joining Toonworld’s cartooning workshop. Charlie’s inspiring story from his mother is below.

“I just wanted to share a moment from late last year that was a bit of a “moment” for Charlie. He definitely has perfectionist traits and finds it hard when things don’t turn out the way he had imagined, but he came home from school with a drawing to show me. I praised his efforts and asked if it was a train on a train track, he replied that it was as they were supposed to draw   something they enjoyed doing, then he became thoughtful for a moment then said “well, it was supposed to be us having a picnic in the park…but I didn’t like how the picnic rug turned out… so I made it a train track.” His smile was priceless. This might be “no big deal” for some kids but, in the past, he might have become so frustrated at his self-interpreted “failure” that he might have destroyed the drawing, refusing to try again. I enjoyed this moment so much…and it was the first of many. I love that the messages he is learning in Toonworld are carrying over into his real-world experiences and giving him a different perspective on the wonders of creativity and the straight-jacket of perfection. Thank you Mike and Claudio for all your efforts in sharing these skills with kids”

-Charlie’s Mum