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The vision of Toonworld is simple we Encourage, EmpowerEducate and Entertain kids through interactive workshops that are both fun and creative. These workshops are designed to improve communication and literacy while channelling creativity and imagination. We invite your students to join us in discovering the exciting world of Stop Motion Animation and experience the magic of film production.
Toonworld’s workshops are offered nationwide in schools, vacation care centres, shopping centres and children’s festivals around the world.

All animations are uploaded to our popular YouTube channel for an opportunity to be seen by the entire world.



To support our Australian teachers in their STEM/STEAM programmes, our Animation Workshops offer the following benefits:

  • A solid foundation in Stop Motion Animation to support future stem-based learning activities.
  • A rich opportunity for students to practice their skills of critical thinking, problem solving and communication.

  • Students gain a deeper understanding of the concept of motion in relation to the physical world.

  • Development of team building skills.
  • Appeal equally to boys and girls alike.

  • Students learn the value of developing and taking ownership of their own ideas with specific roles and responsibilities.

In this Simple yet Exciting 90 minute workshop, useful concepts and techniques are taught to Animate effectively.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Develop a story (storyboard)

  • Design and build the movie background

  • Create their own unique characters with modeling clay

  • Shoot the still shots (frames) using Ipads and digital tablets

  • Add voice and sound effects.
  • Present the final cut in front of their peers.


In this Simple yet Exciting 90 minute workshop, useful concepts and techniques are taught to Animate effectively.

STe-5WT A student uses a simple design process to produce solutions with identified purposes
STe-4WS A student explores their immediate surroundings by questioning, observing using their senses and communicating to share their observations and ideas
STe-9ME A student identifies that objects are made of materials that have observable properties
ENe-1A A student communicates with peers and known adults in informal and guided activities demonstrating emerging skills of group interaction
VAES1.2 Experiments with a range of media in selected forms.
INES1.3 A student relates well to others in work and play situations.
PSES1.5 A student seeks help as needed when faced with simple problems.

ST1-5WT A student uses a structured design process, everyday tools, materials, equipment and techniques to produce solutions that respond to identified needs and wants.
ST1-12MW A student identifies ways that everyday materials can be physically changed and combined for a particular purpose.
ST1-13MW A student relates the properties of common materials to their use for particular purposes.
EN1-1A A student communicates with a range of people in informal and guided activities demonstrating interaction skills and considers how own communication is adjusted in different situations.
VAS1.2 A student uses the forms to make artworks according to varying requirements.
INS2.3 A student develops positive relationships with peers and other people.
PSS1.5 A student draws on past experiences to solve familiar problems.

ST2-5WT A student applies a design process and uses a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques to produce solutions that address specific design criteria
ST2-13MW A student identifies the physical properties of natural and processed materials, and how these properties influence their use
EN2-1A A student communicates in a range of informal and formal contexts by adopting a range of roles in group, classroom, school and community contexts
VAS2.2 A student uses the forms to suggest the qualities of subject matter
INS3.3 A student makes positive contributions in group activities
PSS2.5 A student uses a range of problem-solving strategies.

OUTCOME 1: Children have a strong sense of identity.
OUTCOME 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
OUTCOME 3: Children have a strong sense of well-being.
OUTCOME 4: Children are confident and involved learners.
OUTCOME 5: Children are effective communicators.

MAPPPEN provides over 81 inquiry-based learning sequences spanning a range of learning areas and teaching approaches, designed to be used and modified by primary teachers working in every school in Australia. All their content is mapped to the mandated curricula.

If you haven’t heard of them yet – start by checking out their Creativity sequence for Levels 3 & 4 – Frame by Frame – which develops student understanding and appreciation of the skills that are required to develop a creative story. It’s a great example of their Concept-based sequences, which are not only meaningful and engaging for students, but support teachers in delivering best practice pedagogy and developing professionally.

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Thanks for our workshop on Friday.
Our kids were thoroughly engaged, we had kids from all year groups K-6 and they were all enthused form the very beginning.
They loved your humour, everything from pronouncing your name to Rubbix coming into the screen.

Andrew Barnes - Principal, Exeter Public School

From the beginning to the end the children really enjoyed Toonworld. Even alot of the children who were not too fond of drawing got a kick out of the multitude of creative imaginative and unique drawing methods. The children loved the caricatoon activity and really didn’t hold back with the creativity. The younger children seemed more voice about their ideas, and older ones were much happier just sharing off their ideas physically. Tracey was extremely involving and made sure every single child was taking part, which the carers all agree they found very stimulating for the childrens interest to reach its peak. Allin all children and carers enjoyed this activity greatly with not a complaint anywhere !
Thank you very much for the visit.

Karen - Coordinator, Riverdale Childcare Centre Vacation Care - WA

The ToonWorld incursion was excellent value for money and totally engaging for all the children. We had two groups with close to 30 students in each group and Celese had them hooked in from the first moment. Even our littlies, aged 4 and 5, were able to participate and produce excellent hand drawn cartoons. Celese was tuned in to the children’s needs and set activities to suit. When the children became restless we played a game of Speed Drawing. The precision and expertise of natural artists really came to the fore with this game and every child enjoyed the challenge.We had an easy afternoon once the children had been to their ToonWorld session as they all wanted to practice their newly acquired drawing techniques. I thoroughly recommend this incursion activity for Vacation Care and Child Care services.

Kristine Harland, Mackay Christian College OSHC - QLD

All Toonworld staff have current Working With Children Checks, Public Liability of 20 million. Risk Assessment provided if needed.

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