Meet Charlie!

Charlie loves Toonworld because There are No Mistakes in Creativity.

 With Toonworld, Charlie has been able to unshackle the worry of perfectionism and find a world of creative freedom.

 At Toonworld, we imagine all children everywhere filled with confidence and endless possibilities – without fear and unconstrained by judgement.

 This mission drives Toonworld every day. So receiving this feedback from Charlie’s Mum knocked our socks off with delight! 

 “I just wanted to share a moment from late last year that was a bit of a “moment” for Charlie. He definitely has perfectionistic traits and finds it hard when things don’t turn out the way he had imagined, but he came home from school with a drawing to show me. I praised his efforts and asked if it was a train on a train track, he replied that it was as they were supposed to draw something they enjoyed doing, then he became thoughtful for a moment then said “well, it was supposed to be us having a picnic in the park…but I didn’t like how the picnic rug turned out… so I made it a train track.” His smile was priceless. This might be “no big deal” for some kids but, in the past, he might have become so frustrated at his self-interpreted “failure” that he might have destroyed the drawing, refusing to try again. I enjoyed this moment so much…and it was the first of many. I love that the messages he is learning in Toonworld are carrying over into his real-world experiences and giving him a different perspective on the wonders of creativity and the straight-jacket of perfection. Thank you Mike and Claudio for all your efforts in sharing these skills with kids. ” – Charlie’s Mum

Charlie is one of these kids who loves to draw and often finds unfamiliar, loud environments and large groups of new people overwhelming so his mum thought an online activity would be an interesting idea to make a difference.

Would you like your children to embrace this freedom into the rest of their lives?

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