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Toonworld Christmas Cartooning and Craft Incursions

Toonworld performs Christmas Art and Craft Incursions in classrooms ALL OVER AUSTRALIA! At Toonworld we Empower, Educate, Encourage & Entertain kids of all ages through fun and simple Christmas art and craft activities like building a snowman and designing their own stylish Santa which they can take home.

What Parents Say

  • “200 percent!!”
    vincent - Birthday boy, 9 years old
  • “What a great morning you single-handedly kept 18 kids entertained for 2 hours
    Well Done They all had a great time!!”
    Kelly - Cherrybrook Mum
  • “Bailey had so much fun drawing with his friends”
    Johnnie - Dad
  • “Wow a Toonworld Party was perfect for our noisy group this morning!!”
    Elicia - mum
  • “Toontastic I love the speedtoons!!”
    Kane - 8 yrs old
  • “Toonworld is great, us adults joined in as well”
    Maria - mum
  • “We thought Toonworld would be a different change for our birthday girl Charlize to the usual performers we get and they didn’t disappoint, 5 stars!”
    Roy - Dad
  • “Toonworld crew were very professional and well worth the money!”
    Jorge - dad
  • “I’m never taking off my Toonworld wrist band as long as I live!!”
    Arthur - 9 years old