Perfect for Ages 4 – 14

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Fun and interactive drawing activity book for kids of all ages


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Introducing Toonworld’s NEW “Foodtoons Activity Book”

Go NUTRITION MAD as Toonworld invites you to come on a epic journey filled with creativity and healthy challenges where you will meet Bruno Banana and his super friends the Foodtoons.
Lookout ….. The Sugar Queen is the sworn enemy of the Foodtoons her goal is for the rivers of FOODTOWN to flow with sugar lava and turn their nice healthy town into JUNKFOOD TOWN!!

This 40 page book is jammed packed with fun and interactive drawing exercises kids of all ages will love, including puzzles and drawing challenges while a chance to create fun new Foodtoon characters.
The book is perfect for home and the classroom where kids can develop their knowledge of nutriton while improving their drawing and motor skills.

Ideal for 5 – 12 Year olds

Toonworld Scoop

“Parents are telling us their kids are spending less time on their electronic devices, even when they’re at home”
Toonworld holds the key for challenging the confidence and creativity in kids.

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