Hi and Welcome to Toonworld!

The vision of Toonworld is simple we “Encourage, Empower, Educate and Entertain” kids through Cartooning Workshops & Animation incursions as a vacation care provider and and in school creative specialist that improve their confidence and creativity.


Mike Wheeler is the founder of Mike’s Cartooning World and since its inception 2 years ago has helped thousands of kids build their confidence with their drawing ability through fun & innovative workshops!
Claudio Gomez is the founder of Juju Man Studios and has worked in various international animation productions.
Mike and Claudio met through a friend in common. Together they planned what Toonworld would become and with their combined talent, creativity and shared vision they brought Toonworld to “LIFE”.
Mike and Claudio believe that Toonworld is teaching a form of child development which not only enhances the students drawing ability but also bolstering their confidence in themselves and with their peers while unlocking their creativity.
Come with us on an exciting adventure and…

Go Drawing Mad!


Mike Wheeler & Claudio Gomez Vega